Fall/Winter Term Blog Post

Analytics Project These past few weeks I have been working on an Analytics Project. Analytics is the data warehouse of the library’s Alma management system, and it contains data about acquisitions, collections, loans, and patrons, among other things. I began by exploring the website to get familiar with the different terminology that it uses. I… Continue Reading Fall/Winter Term Blog Post

Spring Term 2020 Blog Post #2

Blog 2 due: Response to video “Change the Subject” The “Change the Subject” documentary, in short, focuses on a group of students from Dartmouth that are trying to change the subject heading that appears in the library catalog as “illegal aliens” to “undocumented immigrants.” The librarians at that college agree that there should be a… Continue Reading Spring Term 2020 Blog Post #2

Weekly Meeting Week 9 Report Winter Term 2020

This week, Emika, Cece, and Valerie met to discuss two articles “Librarians Put Their Trust in Patrons” and “A Master’s Degree in LIS: Weighing Our Educational Standards.”  “Librarians Put Their Trust in Libraries” is an article written by Jennifer Howard for The Chronicle for Higher Education that discusses the current trend in libraries to become… Continue Reading Weekly Meeting Week 9 Report Winter Term 2020