Fall Term 2020 Blog Post #1

Prompt: Discuss independent interviews project?

To begin to discuss my independent interview project I think I should discuss a little background information about why I am taking on this project. This upcoming school year, I am interested in pursuing a Master’s in Library and Information Science. After that, I would love to work at a library and have shared my interests with some. In speaking to multiple librarians and specialists, they have all said one thing in common and that is that there are multiple pathways that one can take to get to the position that they are currently working in. So, this term I am dedicating it to finding out exactly what pathways some of the librarians that I know took in order to get to where they are at.

In this project, I am trying to get a wide range of librarians and/or specialists to tell me their story. I am asking about their current position, what education they got that relates to their position, their job histories, about their hopes/aspirations for future projects/work, and what advise they would give me as a prospective student. So far, I have interviewed a librarian from Carleton and a specialists from a public library back in Houston. Later on this term, I hope I get at least one librarian from each department at the library at Carleton to interview. I will be posting my findings and exactly what questions I was asking them later on this term. Please keep posted!