Winter Term 2020 Blog Post #4

Please discuss how learning more about librarianship influences you as you plan your future in graduate school or your desired career. What things have you learned this term that can help you in your future profession whether it be librarianship or something else.

Having been an intern for the past two terms in the library has helped me gain more interest in pursuing a career as a librarian. While being at the Reference and Information Desk, I have learned how important it is to have actual librarians helping community members out by answering their questions whether it be by physically being there or online. As I got some training from Emika at the desk this term, I learned a lot of important information that even I can use for future research assignments. I learned about what different guides the library has to offer online and how to access them so that I will then be able to show others where to find them. I also learned the importance of relationship-building in the library. One needs to have an idea of what areas of expertise individual librarians have so that if a patron wants to know more extensively about a subject you can direct them to work with that certain librarian.  For example, during this term, I was working about at the R&I desk and in Special Collections and in doing so I got a glimpse into the types of books that the Special Collections department had and how to find them in Catalyst. If I were to not have worked there, I would not know how to access what books are available in Special Collections and would also not know when would be a good time to refer patrons to that department.

As I did my readings for the fall and winter term, I learned that I do want to get a master’s in library of science. I believe that all of the readings that were assigned to me in these past two terms have helped me get a glimpse into what I can potentially see while either getting my master’s or even in working at another library after I graduate college. I am now very passionate about learning more when it comes to librarianship.

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  1. Hi Valerie-
    Thank you for your comments! I am happy to learn that you enjoyed helping others at the reference desk and that you were also able to make connections between reference and special collections. I agree with you that building relationships with one another in our library is very important because we all have different expertise that is needed at different times, and we are all able to rely on each other. Everyone if R&I was very happy to work with you this term!

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