Winter Term 2020 Blog Post #2

This term I am choosing three to five books to include in the pop-up exhibit. With this said, I am then looking into each books’ bibliography information, information about the author/collection, and stating why I decided to include certain books into the pop-up exhibit. In addition to this, I am working as an outreach person to create digital signage and flyers that will be posted around the campus to promote the event. Later on, I will work on potential ideas on what Instagram and/or Facebook posts could include. I also believe that I will be making a poster to be placed on the table for the exhibit and another poster to be placed on the wooden flyer holder.

With this project, I think that I will be able to guide students on how to do research while using either the special collections or the items that are available in the stacks because I feel that I have gotten much better at using the filtering option on Catalyst. Doing this project has taught me that there needs to be research done outside of Catalyst about the information on books, authors, and/or collections to better analyze what the item is about and what to expect from it, so when a patron comes to the reference desk, I could suggest them to look at book reviews from scholarly databases in order for them to get a good sense about what others have thought of the source (and even if the source can be reliable).

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  1. Valerie-

    I am glad you got to have expereince in reference, special collections, and with doing some outreach work!

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