Spring Blog Post 1

The library I worked at from 2016 to this past summer recently changed from issuing fines to going fine free. As such, my interest was piqued when I watched “Eliminating Library Fines: Improving Community Access, Equity and Usage”, especially because I returned to work at the Ilsley after this decision had already been made, and… Continue Reading Spring Blog Post 1

Winter Blog Post 2

Write a reflection on Special Collections pop-up exhibits! It’s been very fun exploring Special Collections to find items that will fit the theme of “all around the world”. The article “Use of Special Collections as an Opportunity for Outreach in the Academic Library” by Valerie A. Harris and Ann C. Weller says that, “Outreach projects… Continue Reading Winter Blog Post 2

Winter Blog Post 1

What does it mean to be a teaching library from the Reference & Instruction perspective? How do your experiences thus far, the readings, and tasks inform your sense of a library that participates in the teaching mission of the college? Many of the readings I’ve done thus far have been centered on what the individual… Continue Reading Winter Blog Post 1

Fall Blog Post 1: Ethics in Cataloging

If you’d asked me two weeks ago about ethics in cataloging, I don’t think I even would have been able to give a comprehensive definition of what cataloging was, let alone why an ethical approach is so important. But through working with Katie and Hsianghui, as well as some interesting reading, I feel as if I… Continue Reading Fall Blog Post 1: Ethics in Cataloging