Fall Term 2019 Blog Post #1

Cataloging as a public service in the context of libraries is when libraries use a software program that allows other libraries to edit and view it. In these past weeks, I have been working with OCLC and Connexion. Through the use of these technologies, I have learned the importance of making MARC records accessible to people around the world. It is important for MARC records to be posted in OCLC because people can view the records and can decide whether it is accurate or if it needs some editing. It also helps if one is cataloging a book that is in another language and one is not able to translate the words. Using Connexion, in this case, would be helpful because it will pull records from different institutions that may have better resources and that are able to better translate for the record. Therefore, making MARC records accessible to the public through Connexion and OCLC is important to facilitate people’s cataloging of books, DVDs, CDs, microfilm, etc.

A reading that stood out to me the most in these past four weeks is the Foundations of Library and Information Science. It caught my attention because it was about the values and ethics that a librarian should follow no matter which field they chose to work at. A specific value that I would like to focus on is “Service” because it speaks about how important it is as a librarian to facilitate people search for what they are seeking and for what they need. This would include cataloging and making sure that searchable subject words are tied to the MARC record that they are looking for. This specific reading made me realize that it is crucial to tie a variety of subject headings to each record in order for it to be easier to find for the public while cataloging. As a student that uses Catalyst for finding sources for essays and projects, I know the importance of having accessible keyword searches that match up with topics that I am looking for. So, when I worked with Katie and Hsianghui I tried my best to find subject headings that I thought students would use if they were trying to find a certain book for their chosen topic.  

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  1. Hi Valerie-Thank you for your thoughtful post! It looks like you understand the basic cataloguing process after being in TS for only a few weeks! I am glad that you are also learning a lot from the readings you have been assigned.

  2. Hi Valerie, Thanks for this first post! I’m glad that you were able to understand how cataloging affects patrons’ ability to find the information that they are looking for. I like how you pointed two of the ways that cataloging can act as a public service–by helping out other institutions through improving records in Connexion/WorldCat and by helping our local users find what they need. You have already provided service to our users through the records you created for several books! I look forward to hearing more of your reflections. -Kate N.

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